• Fresh flavour that's been naturally preserved

    We take fresh ingredients, at the peak of ripeness, and turn them into crisp loving dips that we naturally preserve.

  • Dip that clings to your crisp with no scooping required

    Say bye-bye to the dip that drips everywhere and the dreaded mid-dip crisp snap.

  • Table worthy glass jars designed for crisp dipping

    Ditch the ugly single use plastic tubs and leave your ramekins in the cupboard.

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Supporting exceptional British farmers.

We're passionate about finding the best quality, British ingredients and using them to craft our delicious dips. Like our chillies, that are lovingly grown on a family farm in the Cornish sunshine.


Are dipp dips suitable for Vegans?

Yes! All our dips are 100% plant based.

Are these dips gluten free?

Celiac sufferers rejoice! All our dips are free from Gluten.

How do I store my dip?

Keep unopened in the cupboard or fridge for up to 12 months.
Once opened, eat within 2 weeks & keep refrigerated 2°C to 5°C.

How do I recycle my empty jar?

We use glass because it's widely recycled across the UK. When you've devoured all your dip, just wash the jar and pop into your recycling bin.

I like the jar, what else can I use it for?

Anything you like! We love to use them to freeze a portion of food in for our toddler. Get creative!

I'm looking for flavour pairing inspiration, where should I go?

Instagram is your best bet. It's where we showcase the best flavour combos for the nations crisp lovers.

I'm not happy with my dips, what should I do?

If you're not totally satisfied with our dips, we want to help! Please email us at hello@dippforcrisps.com and we'll make it right.